Cornfield Maze

Giant Corn Maze at Country Roads Family Fun Farm

Corn Maze Fun – Fall on the Farm

2023 Corn Maze

Every fall, Country Roads Family Fun Farm features a new maze theme. This year’s theme is “Where’s Biscuit?” featuring our beloved farm-beagle. Go on an adventure to find Biscuit. If you can find where Biscuit is hiding, you can turn your game card in for a Biscuit approved prize!

Maze Fun

Be prepared to get lost on a fantastic adventure!  Inside our 8-acre corn maze, you will find twisting pathways and 3 separate games which are never haunted!

  • Finger Funnies: A find the color game that’s short and sweet enough even for the family with toddlers to enjoy.
  • “Where’s Biscuit?” Search & Find: As you go through this maze game you will encounter scenes featuring our beloved beagle, Biscuit. Cross off each location you find Biscuit at on your game card, until the end where only one location is left. Once you figure out where Biscuit is hiding, turn your game card in to the admission shed staff for a Biscuit approved prize!
  • QR Code Trivia: Get out your smart phones and put them to work! In this all-new game, you will use the QR Code function on your phone at each station to research answers to Trivia Questions all about the things grown or raised on the farm! If you get your answer right, you will be given clues on how to get out of the maze. But, don’t worry. You will have a map of the maze to take with you so you can find your way back out!

A trip through our Corn Maze is more than just a ‘walk in the stalks.’  It’s a maze, it’s 3 games, it’s educational, and it’s FUN! Spend quality time together with your family, friends, or group as you work through the challenge of navigating the maze together.

Finger Funnies Chalk Game

Guest of all ages can enjoy this scavenger hunt game. Decorate each finger of your right hand with a different color chalk from 5 different stations hidden within the hay bale maze. Then, find your finger color match on the hand chart to find out what you’ll need to do.

Past Mazes

Down on the Farm Corn Maze Theme 2021

2021 Corn Maze

2021’s corm maze theme was “Down on the Farm.” Visitors enjoyed all things farm related, exploring our giant, farm-themed corn maze and playing farm-themed games while they explored. We also introduced our new Barnyard Maze in the outdoor play area!

2020 Corn Maze Theme: Pirate's Cove

2020 Corn Maze

2020’s corn maze theme was “Pirate’s Cove!” It was a pirate’s life for visitors to enjoy as they plundered through the unknown passageways of Pirate’s Cove Corn Maze! Along your journey, they got to role play the adventures of scallywags and buccaneers in ALL NEW 5D interactive zones! They were able to dig for buried treasure, walk the plank, swing across a bay of alligators, and set off a cannon to boot while also learning interesting facts from trivia games and word puzzles. And for the wee swashbucklers, we had a junior corn maze sized just right for little feet!

2019 Robin Hood Corn Maze - Stotts City, Missouri

2019 Corn Maze & Hay Castle

2019’s theme was “Robin Hood!” Visitors explored “Sherwood Forest” to find the medieval hero, Robin Hood, and his merry men. This theme explored the struggle for basic rights and the importance of the Magna Carta in ye olde Britain. The corn maze design was a heroic Robin Hood taking aim with bow and arrow with a castle in the background.

Smaller children enjoyed exploring and playing in “Nottingham Castle,” our unique hay bale castle that towered 20 feet above the ground. This fortress brought their imagination alive as they entered through the giant castle walls and traversed the winding hay bale maze!