School Field Trips - Stotts City, Missouri

Field Trips at Country Roads Family Fun Farm

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Downloadable lesson plans and resources for you to use at home or in the classroom!

Education & Fun for your Students

Country Roads loves educating children in a fun learning environment! Bring your students to our farm for a day of hands-on learning! We offer a wide variety of inquiry-based learning activities and themes for you to choose from. No matter what age, your class is certain to learn something at Country Roads Family Fun Farm and have loads of fun while they’re at it!

Your Field Trip Includes:

Inquiry-Based Learning Units

Our activities cover Missouri state educational standards for Pre-K on up. Plus, with our field trips being completely CUSTOMIZABLE, you can build your experience to fit your students’ learning needs!

School Field Trip Learning Activities - Life Cycle of Plants

Plant Science


  • Life Cycle of Plants
  • Plant Growth


  • Life Cycle of Plants
  • Plant Growth
  • Comparing Plants
School Field Trip Learning Activities - Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Animal Science


  • Animal Groups
  • Animals & Offspring
  • Life Cycles


  • Mammals/Birds/Reptiles/Insects
  • Matching Animals and Offspring
  • Comparing Animals
  • Life Cycle of a Ladybug
  • Life Cycle of a Butterfly
  • Life Cycle of an Earthworm
School Field Trip Learning Activities - Counting



  • Counting
  • Weights & Measures
  • Sorting
  • Shapes


  • Counting Spots on a Ladybug
  • Counting Pumpkins (Fall Only)
  • Comparing Produce by Size and Weight
  • Sorting by Color and Characteristics
  • Identifying Shapes on the Farm Scavenger Hunt
School Field Trips - Simple Machines Lesson

Physics & Movement


  • Simple Machines


  • Identifying Machines on the Farm Scavenger Hunt
  • Use Simple Machines to Build a Wooden Project
School Field Trips - Comparing Seeds Lesson

Social Sciences


  • Similarities & Differences
  • Teamwork


  • Comparing Animals
  • Comparing Flowers
  • Comparing Seeds
  • Sorting Animals by Characteristics
  • Work Together to Accomplish a Task
School Field Trips - Business Lessons



  • How to be Successful in a Job
  • Economics


  • Application Etiquette
  • Interview Etiquette
  • Workplace Expectations
  • Customer Interaction
  • Payroll, Taxes, Bank Accounts
Feeding a baby calf at the petting zoo



  • Agritourism
  • Animal Care
  • Cash Cropping
  • USDA
  • FDA/Health Inspection

Virtual Field Trips & Resources

Schoolhouse on the Farm

Check out our new resource for teachers! Get helpful resources for your classroom. We’re working to create videos and other tools like this “Ladybugs on the Farm” and “Harvesting Honey” video. Stay tuned for more details!

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Field Trip Pricing & Reservations



Groups of 100+ (30% discount): $8.00/student, parent, or sibling

Groups of 50-99 (20% discount): $9.00/student, parent, or sibling

Groups of 25-49 (10% discount): $10/student, parent, or sibling

1 teacher plus 1 para-pro attend FREE per classroom

*Minimum group size for field trip time slots is 25 participants (not including teacher and para-pro). If you have a smaller group, please allow us to schedule you with another group.


Reservation Deposit – In order to reserve your field trip time slot, a deposit of $100 is due within 5 days of your reservation request. The deposit will be applied to the event total. If the deposit is not paid within 5 business days, the selected event date will be returned to the public queue. There will be no exceptions to this rule. [Pay Deposit Now]

Final Payment – The balance due must be paid in full before the scheduled event activities begin. Any scheduled activities will not be permitted to proceed until proof of payment is secured.


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