Petting Zoo at Country Roads Family Fun Farm - Stotts City, MO

As of January 2024, we no longer offer this service. Further explanation below.

“The most authentic farm experience is found on the farm itself.” ~ Holly Wright, Part-Owner

Traveling Farm Services was created in response to the COVID pandemic as an outreach for schools and organizations suffering through traveling restrictions at the time. Now that the COVID pandemic has come to an end and the economy is functioning in a more traditional manner, we are no longer offering this service. We love sharing our farm with students everywhere, but the most authentic farm experience we can offer is found on the farm itself. Nothing can come close to the education and fun students experience than when they are immersed in it! That being said, we will cherish all our memories from traveling to area schools and organizations, but we look forward to hopefully seeing all of those faces again on the farm.

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